We provide consulting services in software development, software architecture and software technological orientation.


Software Development

Pixtolab offers consulting services to companies requiring expert developers with the following technologies:

  • Development of iOS applications for iPhone or iPad using Swift and Objective C
  • Development of Android applications using Java
  • Development of mission-critical systems in Windows or UNIX environments
  • Object-oriented programming using C#, Java and C++
  • Inter-process communication using Web services, Rest API, WCF, Message Queuing or TCP/IP
  • Database management using SQL Server or Oracle
  • Development of Web applications using ASP.NET and HTML5
  • Coaching or supervision of the development teams (Server, Client and mobile)


Pixtolab offers consulting services to companies who need to build or re-engineer their software environment:

  • Technological infrastructure in mobile, Web and distributed environments
  • System architecture and object-oriented design (OOD)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using .NET or J2EE technologies
  • Component modeling using UML
  • Impact analysis for the integration of new technologies
  • Performance, robustness and maintainability evaluation of components

Software technological orientation

Also, we believe that it is very important to keep up with the latest technologies to allow our customers to keep a leading edge in their market. We have a technological laboratory in which we evaluate and manipulate some latest technologies like:

  • Computer integration in the enterprise and our everyday life
  • The paradigm shifts coming from smartphones and tablets
  • iOS, Android and Microsoft .NET architectures and implementations
  • New approaches in software engineering
  • Web design with HTML5, ASP.NET and JavaScript
  • Simulation and game engines to develop conventional games and serious games
  • All new approaches for User Experience and User Interfaces
  • Operating system functionalities for iOS and MS-Windows